The 6 Most Essential Color Guides to Men’s Wardrobe

Here is the guide to choose the perfect and finest combinations of colors for your suit, tie and shirt combo also for ethnic jodhpuri suit set.

1. The black suit

The black is an obvious shade with men’s suits. They reflect a very formal outlook and not very much preferable for casual occasions. It looks best on dark complexions. The black tuxedo suits with bowties and black classic suits with regular tie stand out stunningly for the formal occasions.

  • Shirt Shades: Blush pink, white, gray, silver, turquoise blue, electric blue, yellow, wine red and deep crimson.
  • Tie Shades: Granite gray tie with the pink shirt, cement gray or deep brown tie with white shirt, brown small checks tie with the light blue shirt.
  • Jodhpuri Suit: Black suit with white, off white or black bottoms along with wine red pocket square.

2. The navy blue suit

The blue shades are another obvious pick of color for men. They hold the quality that can be carried off in a formal, semi-formal or casual occasions too. It gives your personality a younger look.

  • Shirt Shades: Light blue, light pink, pink, white, small black checks on white pattern.
  • Jodhpuri Suit: Navy suit with black, beige or buff yellow bottoms and cream shade pocket square.

3. The gray suit

The shades of gray can be played along for various occasions. The dark charcoal gray is the must for only formal occasions. Medium gray suits can be carried off for semi-formal events and light gray suits can be pulled out for casual gatherings.

  • Shirt Shades: Pale blues, white, light blue and wine reds.
  • Tie Shades: Black with the white shirt, pale brown tie with white, navy blue tie with the white plaid print shirt and mint green with white, wine red tie with the black striped shirt and dark brown tie with wine red shirt.
  • Jodhpuri Suit: White, cream and black bottoms with the black pocket square.

4. The Brown Suit

The shade of brown complements the best for dark skin tones but it doesn’t go well with the formal occasions. Best to be flaunted for semi-formal occasions. The shades to be considered for brown suits are the sand brown, tortilla brown and dark brown. You can also keep the tie aside to give a relaxed casual look.

  • Shirt Shades: Dark blue, beige, white, light blue, white with light gray stripes, pale pink, pale green, pastel like yellow and salmon orange.
  • Jodhpuri Suit: Beige, black and off white bottoms with wine red pocket square.

5. The White Suit

White shade reflects a refined and pure outlook and also it stands out in the herd and becomes very much noticeable. White suits are to be preferred for the important occasions such as weddings and any ceremonies.

  • Shirt Shades: Light blue, navy blue & white checks, black and white stripes and dusty pinks
  • Jodhpuri Suit: Maroon, beige and sand brown with wine red pocket square.

6. The Tan Suit

The rustic and earthy shades of tanned hues give an outlook of semi-formal or casual. They speak a calm and modest style without looking over the top. The khaki shades come under this category and rule the men’s color scheme.

  • Shirt Shades: Light blue, crisp white, pale blue and marine green.
  • Jodhpuri Suit: Black, wine red, crimson red and off-white with dark brown or gray pocket square.

Things to Consider When Buying Mobiles Online

E-commerce websites selling mobile phones offer a variety of preferences. These preferences are based on budget, brands, features, etc. The buying options are widened with different brands entering the smartphone market. Most important thing about these e-commerce websites is that they offer amazing discounts which really benefit consumers. Hence the online buyers wait for good deals on their preferred brand. Flipkart offers on latest best selling mobiles from top brands are available for consumers.

Some of the best selling mobiles are online exclusive when launched and are available in the physical stores after a lot of time. Such mobiles are available in the online stores immediately after their launch. Another best part is that consumers can find the reviews about the mobiles hence helping the person to a have a clear idea of the item before buying it. The consumer reviews are actually a very critical part of the modern era shopping practices. Checking reviews on different platforms has become a part of shopping.

Many of the major e-commerce companies have set up dedicated stores for refurbished phones as the demand in this sector has increased. These phones are from an assortment of brands like Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Motorola among others. E-commerce companies sell these phones at a discount of 20-50%. By picking up a refurbished or unboxed product you can save some money. While buying a refurbished product make sure it is factory certified.

E-commerce major, Flipkart has a mobile exchange program allowing users to exchange their old smartphone for a brand new. This program makes it really easy to exchange your old device for a new one. You will be offered a discount depending on the condition of your old smartphone. Flipkart buy back guarantee is a great opportunity for consumers to upgrade to the latest smartphone experience. The introduction of new technology keeps consumers interested in latest smartphones, in such scenario the buy back schemes ensure maximum return to the consumers.

The developments in the online shopping have gifted people with varieties. They not only have much more options in time of features and brands but also in terms of price.

FreeKaaMaal is a deal hunting site that offers consumer money saving experience by presenting the latest and ongoing deals and discounts. The website is also a major provider of coupons from leading e-commerce sites. Check out the latest Flipkart Coupons to get discounts on mobile phones, fashion, electronics, and appliances.

Get The Best Deals Out There

You don’t have to spend hours going from one website to the next trying to find those deals. Instead, you can shop for the best deals online in the UK by signing up with a proven site able to bring them all together. Each listing has a description and a clear price. There aren’t any gimmicks or commitments to make such as memberships and recurring billing.

Instead, you can scroll through the site and explore what is out there. If you see something you like, read the information about it. If you want to make the purchase, put it in your cart. Keep in mind, the offers change daily. If you see something you want for a price that is reasonable, get it! If you go back later for it, you may be disappointed to discover it is sold out!

Household Items

There are many household items you can get this way for less. The best deals online in the UK include common household items such as batteries, cleaning kits, and fire alarms. There are items for you to get your body in shape too including various types of workout equipment. You will find furniture, accessories, and plenty of items to help you design your home.


Dressing well doesn’t have to be expensive when you get the best deals online in the UK. Buying accessories including shoes, purses, and more can complete the overall look. Being able to get trendy items to look wonderful in doesn’t have to break your budget. You can also find the prefect outfit for a special occasion without feeling guilty that you spent too much on it.


You can get the best deals online in the UK for toys too. Children love to have new items to play with. Some of them help them to feel safer and others help them to expand their imagination. There are toys they can use to help them with learning various skills too. Being able to get them for a low price is a great benefit to parents everywhere.


You can also rely on the best deals online in the UK to help you get gifts for less. While you want to give someone a wonderful present, you don’t want to be stressed about the money involved. The holidays can be a huge financial stressor, but not if you know where to shop. You can get items all year long and put them away for the holidays.

All of this can make shopping fun again for you! The convenience of being able to do it online and to pay less is enticing. Make sure you buy such items from a site that has been reviewed carefully. You need to know they are going to offer you quality items, fast shipping, and a hassle-free experience.

As you see the benefits of shopping this way online, it will quickly become a part of your regular routine. Before you pay full price for anything, you will check to see if you may be able to get it for less. That savings is going to add up quickly. It may be enough savings for you to splurge on some of the wants on your list rather than always sticking to necessary purchases.

The Power to Surprise, Like Never Before

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Fashion Plus Size Clothes- How to Get Clothes That Make You Look Good

Plump women can find it hard to choose the best dress for them. It is also hard to look for designer clothes as designers generally don’t make clothes which are over the size eight. Therefore, it may take larger sized women a bit longer to get stylish fashionable clothes.

Here are guidelines for getting fashion plus size clothes that make you look good.

First of some vital things should be analyzed before going out for getting or shopping new clothes. For a plus size woman, it is vital to know the precise measurements of her body. It will make sure that the clothes will fit perfectly. Larger ladies will look sexy when they wear clothing that fits them properly.

Presently, the biggest noticed blunder which I notice curvy women doing is wearing clothes which are too loose or big. Wearing clothes which are too baggy do nothing to compliment your body and this will add inches also. So it is vital to choose attire which suits their figure in the best way possible. Another vital aspect which should be analyzed before getting new clothing is to identify the style.

This implies you should know what to wear and the style that suits you. Your shape will determine what style suits you. By knowing the style makes it simpler to buy your favorite color with accessories, bags and shoes.

There are various places where you can buy ladies plus size clothes for you but sadly getting the ideal dress according to the desired style is hard to get. It should also be noted that most of the stores don’t have the right type of clothing. Some of the clothes available are not at all trendy. This is why shopping online has become so popular; you can instantly see if the clothes are trendy and stylish. Now process of getting an online clothing store is very easy.

All you have to do is search on Google. If you want to search “plus size apparels”, then you just have to visit Google, and type this in the search bar, and you will various options and link to choose. It is fun to shop online and most quality stores have incredible customer service, email to enquire about the most popular items.

Confidence is one of the qualities that every woman should have. They look at the world with confidence and have nothing to apologize for their size. They should wear fashion plus size clothes with elegance and style and each one hand their own unique style.

Eventually, fashion plus size clothes may be a bit different from the regular clothing, but the selection procedure for the clothing is not different. The main point to remember is that you have to select the patterns which highlight your assets and problematic areas.

Shopping Paradise- A Journey to The Cart

As they say “A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike.”

This quote perfectly exemplifies how each customer has different expectations when they visit your store. Each customer is unique with different preferences and needs. It is important to offer them with personalized experience at every sales channel. In order to enable personalized experience, understanding the customer journey is critical.

Consumer Behavior Trends

With the technology evolution, consumption of media and information has dramatically changed today. Consumer behavior is influenced and driven by reference and relevance to their needs at any particular point in time.

Mobile is an Integral Part of consumer’s life*:

68 % of consumers use their phone within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning

82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in store

Relevance drives trust*:

65% of smartphone users agree that when conducting a search on their smartphones, they look for the most relevant information regardless of the company providing the information

Content is the king*:

1 in 3 smartphone users have purchased from a company or brand other than the one they intended to because of information provided in the moment they needed it.

Consumer Expectations

The customer you have been serving for a decade now has completely different reason to visit you today. They come to the store to get more information on which new collection in your store will be appropriate for the occasion they are shopping for! They are looking for sales consultants to help them with the right purchase from the range of clothes they have viewed a million times online.

Consumer purchase journey

Customer journey in today’s digital world is complex and involves analysis of type of interactions at every touch point. The number of touchpoints between a brand and a consumer has dramatically increased and it is very important to offer a seamless connected experience across channels.

A consumer goes through four stages as part of their purchase journey. At every stage the interaction type and medium is different.

1. Search:

73% of product research is done using a search engine, 33% is done through specific shopping sites, and 24% is through apps.

Having SEO friendly URLs for your categories, sub-categories and products is critical to driving traffic to your online store.

2. Discover:

59% consumers discover new products in-store, 26% of them find them through customer reviews and 20% of them reach them through social media. Videos and blogs contribute to 15% and product recommendations on the online store result in 10% of the discovery for consumers.

Using offline and online channels together is critical to drive traffic to the brand. Online search can result in discovery of the brand and products on the Ecommerce store. Also in-store consumers should be engaged well with right products and good experience. Since consumers can also come to a brand’s physical stores from digital interactions, it’s important to offer a seamless experience.

3. Purchase:

51% of consumers do not want to wait to receive their item.52% in India see the online buying experience to be better than the in-store experience. But a high 42% still find the in-store experience to be better.

Thus driving consumers to complete their purchase conveniently at any of the sales channel should be focus of today’s retail.

4. Engagement:

85% consumers prefer personalized coupons and exclusive discounts provided in-store. 64% consumers prefer to buy based on recommendations and 54% buy based on recommendations from friends and family.

Retailers need to connect and engage well with consumers at all the sales channels. Providing relevant information and easy search helps consumers connect better with the brands.

Opportunities for Retailers

The connected consumer demands for access to different brands anywhere, anytime. The retailers cannot afford to lose their customers to channel specific sales strategy. Products availability has to be channel agonistic.

Keeping customer at the core of the sales strategy is the key to connect, engage and build loyalty for a retail brand.

Top Tips to Keep Lounge Suites in Showroom Condition

When considering lounge suites for sale, consumers often worry about whether they will be able to maintain the showroom appearance of the item. Some pieces of furniture such as a white leather lounge can be particularly troublesome, particularly if you have young children who may be prone to spills. Fortunately, it is possible to keep your lounge looking fantastic with these top tips.

Regular Cleaning:

Just like your flooring or coffee table, it is important that lounge suites are regularly cleaned to keep them looking great. Depending on your lounge material, you may need special products to ensure it is kept clean. However, in many cases, a slightly damp cloth can work wonders. This will remove any surface dust or debris without damaging the fabric. If there are stubborn crumbs or tight corners on your lounge, use a soft brush to lift them from the fabric. Avoid trying to use your nail to get out that stubborn crumb, as their is a risk that you could rip the fabric, particularly soft leather.

Move Position:

Although lounge suites can be large items of furniture, it is important that it is moved. Keeping it in the same position in your room may mean that only one side or area is exposed to sunlight, which can cause patchy fading. UV rays can not only discolour fabrics but can also cause leather to dry out. If possible, try to rotate the orientation of your lounge periodically and swap any seat cushions around, so you don’t get stubborn indentations. If your lounge cannot be moved, consider drawing the curtains or lowering the blinds during the hottest parts of the day to minimise sun damage.

Condition Leather:

If you have a leather lounge, it is also important that it is regularly conditioned. As leather ages, it can be prone to drying out, particularly if it is placed near to a window. Fortunately, you can minimise this damage and keep your lounge in showroom condition with regular care. Leather conditioner products are readily available and can moisturise the material to keep it soft and supple. This will help to avoid the cracks and creases caused by drying out. Just be sure to follow the product instructions carefully and test the product on an inconspicuous place before treating the entire lounge.

Don’t Forget Your Accessories:

Finally, don’t forget that the condition of your accessories can compromise the aesthetics of your lounge. Keep cushions washed and clean, rugs vacuumed and any other accessories neat and tidy for a fantastic showroom look.

If you are thinking of lounge suites for sale, you should visit us. We have an impressive stock of lounge suites including white leather lounge models. The Chaise Sofas sales team is also available to answer questions and help you to make your purchase decision.

Seven Versatile Uses For an Ottoman Perth Homeowners Should Know

Many homeowners consider an ottoman to simply be a place to rest your feet. However, this is actually an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. It can be a stylish addition to your home and here are just seven ways you could put it to use.

Shoe Storage:

If your entry is a mess of shoes and accessories, then a storage ottoman could be just what you’ve been looking for. An ottoman can be easily placed in an entry, creating not only a place to sit down and remove your shoes, but also somewhere to neatly hide away all your footwear.

Stylish Dining:

If you want to make a stylish statement for your dining area, forget about chairs and go for ottomans, You can use a round ottoman as a stool or stick to more conventional square shapes. This will not only provide somewhere comfortable to sit, but it will also create a talking point when you have guests over for dinner.

Bedroom Vanity Chair:

With an ottoman, Perth beauty lovers can also have somewhere comfortable to sit at their vanities. An ottoman is far easier to store than a standard chair, and it is also the perfect height for you to perch at your vanity table. If you are short of storage, you could also choose a model that has a compartment inside.

Multi Use Coffee Table:

An ottoman can also provide a central feature in your lounge. There is no need to keep it tucked away in a corner for additional seating when it could make a fantastic coffee table. Most ottomans are the perfect height for a coffee table, and since it is padded, you can avoid banging your shins if you get up too quickly.

A Creative Cooler:

Your ottoman could also provide a creative cooler for your patio. Whether you have it matching your patio furniture or have a contrasting design, your ottoman can be an attractive and functional feature of your outdoor space. You can keep your drinks in the cool, dark compartment to save you needing to keep going back indoors when you need refreshment.

Gaming Station:

If you have a games console, you are likely to be aware of how many accessories you need. This can create a messy problem in your lounge that can be avoided with your ottoman. You can use the storage compartment to keep all of your controllers, boards and other accessories neatly tucked away, but readily accessible when you want to blast some aliens.

The Ultimate Pet Hangout:

Finally, an ottoman can provide a perfect pet hangout. Place your ottoman in a sunny spot and your dog or cat is sure to be attracted to it. This will give them a perfect place to chill out, and they will be at a great height for an ear scratch as you walk by.

If you are considering purchasing an ottoman, Perth consumers should visit us. Chaise Sofas has an impressive stock of ottomans, and our sales team would be delighted to help you.

T-shirt Printing Services For Your Printed T-shirt Needs

T-shirts are incredible apparels which go with various attires and can be worked into a semi-professional or a casual look. Branded tees are the latest fashion fad and they are used as promotional tools.

Many companies are offering t shirt printing services to their clients either as goodies as free samples with their products or for sale. T-shirt printing services are booming and aiming to serve the growing demand for these branded apparels.

These branded apparels are basically a mobile advertisement for the business or company which extends them to their clients. Screen printing service work by taking orders from clients and working on orders of specific quantities. They fix the charge of the printing services according to the artwork selected, colors integrated on the apparel and on a per unit basis. These items are properly used for branding purpose as they produce top quality branded apparels at cost-efficient prices. Direct printing on clothing items is rarely practiced due to low durability projection. Most of the branding services have a 7 to 8 day turnaround, but it is possible to get speedy services at extra costs.

The company offering cheap Shirt Printing Chatsworth, CA can send samples of branded work as necessary by a client at a specific charge. Clients who are working with tight budgets are generally recommended to use light fabric clothes and reduce the colors integrated on the branded apparels to bring down the overall cost. A client generally gives their desired artwork to the printer in EPS, PDF and other file formats. The printer also provide the services to different apparel sizes right from small, medium to extra large. The overall cost might not change regardless of the apparel size the branding is made on, as long as the artwork is to be branded on a similar location in the same print size.

It is recommendable to get professional T shirt printing services to make sure that you end up with quality products which will work well for your necessities. You can utilize printed tees for various events which is associated with your business promotion. Hand them out at corporate events along with other goodies in gift bags. You can also attach them with your products as incentives for the buyers to sell your products. You may also brand wrist bands, hats, mugs, hoodies and any other clothing items to widen the range of your branded products. These branded products also come in handy as gifts to buyers who participate in company related ruffles.

For your printing requirements, search online and check out different printing sites and the services they have to offer. Some of them specialize in commercial printing, while others will do just a single shirt with whatever design you select. So select your printer based on your requirements.

Tips to Make Your Travelling Safe And Comfortable

Travelling is an integral part of life. You often visit far-flung places for vacationing, explore, and even for official purposes. Wherever you go, you need prior planning to avoid confusions and problems on the day of the trip. You start with preparing the list of things that you would love to carry along based on their usages and importance. You will also carry gadgets like mobile, laptop, and other electronic devices that would be required during your stay in the decided place. Thus, you will start looking for a suitable backpack based on the volume of listed things. But, what about the safety of your products while travelling? Find out how to protect your belongings while moving out the country.

How to Increase Safety of Your Belongings During Journey?

The threat of losing your valuables at airports, bus stands, and railway stations is real. It is evident with the increasing number incidents like bag snatching, stealing bags cutting with knives, and identity thefts at the crowded places. Most of stealing incidents happen with tourists travelling alone. If you happen to be travelling alone, you can’t take chances on the safety of your commodities. It is not to aggravate your fear but to increase the security of your belongings using a theft proof bag. These anti-theft bags are sturdy and made with cut resistant materials making nearly impossible to cut with knives. Additionally, the bags are fitted with RFID scan proof technology to avoid identity thefts by hackers using this fraud technology. The RFID scan proof technology installed in the bags blocks scanning of your credit card, laptops, and information stored in chips from hackers. In this way, you can protect your belongings and digital identity.

Buy a Good Backpack

You need to purchase a bag based on the volume of things to be carried on the trip. You can find many travel bags with spacious compartments for packing your clothes and other important documents. It will help you arrange your things in the proper order and lock them properly to avoid stealing in the trip. Select your bag with comfortable straps to enable easy carrying on the back distributing the weight. Some bags come fitted with durable wheels to commute smoothly rolling on the metalled roads. Look at the safety features added to the bag to travel with comfort and keep your things safe. Thus, you should look for a theft proof backpack with high-security features.

Add Style to Your Journey

The travel bags and accessories come with unique designs and colours to match your style. You can use matching handbags and wallets with your backpack according to your fashion statement. Besides that, you can have many colour options like red, green, black, and other bold colours based on your preference. Women travellers prefer to use slim and nicely designed handy bags for their trips. In this way, you can add fashion and fun to your journey.

Earlier, packing of things was a dreaded process. But, the use of travel cubes has made this process easier for travellers. Using a cube set will help to organise your packing swiftly and without tossing your luggage.

Looking to buy theft proof backpacks and travel cubes? Contact us to get your desired bags at affordable prices.