Top Tips to Keep Lounge Suites in Showroom Condition

When considering lounge suites for sale, consumers often worry about whether they will be able to maintain the showroom appearance of the item. Some pieces of furniture such as a white leather lounge can be particularly troublesome, particularly if you have young children who may be prone to spills. Fortunately, it is possible to keep your lounge looking fantastic with these top tips.

Regular Cleaning:

Just like your flooring or coffee table, it is important that lounge suites are regularly cleaned to keep them looking great. Depending on your lounge material, you may need special products to ensure it is kept clean. However, in many cases, a slightly damp cloth can work wonders. This will remove any surface dust or debris without damaging the fabric. If there are stubborn crumbs or tight corners on your lounge, use a soft brush to lift them from the fabric. Avoid trying to use your nail to get out that stubborn crumb, as their is a risk that you could rip the fabric, particularly soft leather.

Move Position:

Although lounge suites can be large items of furniture, it is important that it is moved. Keeping it in the same position in your room may mean that only one side or area is exposed to sunlight, which can cause patchy fading. UV rays can not only discolour fabrics but can also cause leather to dry out. If possible, try to rotate the orientation of your lounge periodically and swap any seat cushions around, so you don’t get stubborn indentations. If your lounge cannot be moved, consider drawing the curtains or lowering the blinds during the hottest parts of the day to minimise sun damage.

Condition Leather:

If you have a leather lounge, it is also important that it is regularly conditioned. As leather ages, it can be prone to drying out, particularly if it is placed near to a window. Fortunately, you can minimise this damage and keep your lounge in showroom condition with regular care. Leather conditioner products are readily available and can moisturise the material to keep it soft and supple. This will help to avoid the cracks and creases caused by drying out. Just be sure to follow the product instructions carefully and test the product on an inconspicuous place before treating the entire lounge.

Don’t Forget Your Accessories:

Finally, don’t forget that the condition of your accessories can compromise the aesthetics of your lounge. Keep cushions washed and clean, rugs vacuumed and any other accessories neat and tidy for a fantastic showroom look.

If you are thinking of lounge suites for sale, you should visit us. We have an impressive stock of lounge suites including white leather lounge models. The Chaise Sofas sales team is also available to answer questions and help you to make your purchase decision.