The 6 Most Essential Color Guides to Men’s Wardrobe

Here is the guide to choose the perfect and finest combinations of colors for your suit, tie and shirt combo also for ethnic jodhpuri suit set.

1. The black suit

The black is an obvious shade with men’s suits. They reflect a very formal outlook and not very much preferable for casual occasions. It looks best on dark complexions. The black tuxedo suits with bowties and black classic suits with regular tie stand out stunningly for the formal occasions.

  • Shirt Shades: Blush pink, white, gray, silver, turquoise blue, electric blue, yellow, wine red and deep crimson.
  • Tie Shades: Granite gray tie with the pink shirt, cement gray or deep brown tie with white shirt, brown small checks tie with the light blue shirt.
  • Jodhpuri Suit: Black suit with white, off white or black bottoms along with wine red pocket square.

2. The navy blue suit

The blue shades are another obvious pick of color for men. They hold the quality that can be carried off in a formal, semi-formal or casual occasions too. It gives your personality a younger look.

  • Shirt Shades: Light blue, light pink, pink, white, small black checks on white pattern.
  • Jodhpuri Suit: Navy suit with black, beige or buff yellow bottoms and cream shade pocket square.

3. The gray suit

The shades of gray can be played along for various occasions. The dark charcoal gray is the must for only formal occasions. Medium gray suits can be carried off for semi-formal events and light gray suits can be pulled out for casual gatherings.

  • Shirt Shades: Pale blues, white, light blue and wine reds.
  • Tie Shades: Black with the white shirt, pale brown tie with white, navy blue tie with the white plaid print shirt and mint green with white, wine red tie with the black striped shirt and dark brown tie with wine red shirt.
  • Jodhpuri Suit: White, cream and black bottoms with the black pocket square.

4. The Brown Suit

The shade of brown complements the best for dark skin tones but it doesn’t go well with the formal occasions. Best to be flaunted for semi-formal occasions. The shades to be considered for brown suits are the sand brown, tortilla brown and dark brown. You can also keep the tie aside to give a relaxed casual look.

  • Shirt Shades: Dark blue, beige, white, light blue, white with light gray stripes, pale pink, pale green, pastel like yellow and salmon orange.
  • Jodhpuri Suit: Beige, black and off white bottoms with wine red pocket square.

5. The White Suit

White shade reflects a refined and pure outlook and also it stands out in the herd and becomes very much noticeable. White suits are to be preferred for the important occasions such as weddings and any ceremonies.

  • Shirt Shades: Light blue, navy blue & white checks, black and white stripes and dusty pinks
  • Jodhpuri Suit: Maroon, beige and sand brown with wine red pocket square.

6. The Tan Suit

The rustic and earthy shades of tanned hues give an outlook of semi-formal or casual. They speak a calm and modest style without looking over the top. The khaki shades come under this category and rule the men’s color scheme.

  • Shirt Shades: Light blue, crisp white, pale blue and marine green.
  • Jodhpuri Suit: Black, wine red, crimson red and off-white with dark brown or gray pocket square.