Seven Versatile Uses For an Ottoman Perth Homeowners Should Know

Many homeowners consider an ottoman to simply be a place to rest your feet. However, this is actually an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. It can be a stylish addition to your home and here are just seven ways you could put it to use.

Shoe Storage:

If your entry is a mess of shoes and accessories, then a storage ottoman could be just what you’ve been looking for. An ottoman can be easily placed in an entry, creating not only a place to sit down and remove your shoes, but also somewhere to neatly hide away all your footwear.

Stylish Dining:

If you want to make a stylish statement for your dining area, forget about chairs and go for ottomans, You can use a round ottoman as a stool or stick to more conventional square shapes. This will not only provide somewhere comfortable to sit, but it will also create a talking point when you have guests over for dinner.

Bedroom Vanity Chair:

With an ottoman, Perth beauty lovers can also have somewhere comfortable to sit at their vanities. An ottoman is far easier to store than a standard chair, and it is also the perfect height for you to perch at your vanity table. If you are short of storage, you could also choose a model that has a compartment inside.

Multi Use Coffee Table:

An ottoman can also provide a central feature in your lounge. There is no need to keep it tucked away in a corner for additional seating when it could make a fantastic coffee table. Most ottomans are the perfect height for a coffee table, and since it is padded, you can avoid banging your shins if you get up too quickly.

A Creative Cooler:

Your ottoman could also provide a creative cooler for your patio. Whether you have it matching your patio furniture or have a contrasting design, your ottoman can be an attractive and functional feature of your outdoor space. You can keep your drinks in the cool, dark compartment to save you needing to keep going back indoors when you need refreshment.

Gaming Station:

If you have a games console, you are likely to be aware of how many accessories you need. This can create a messy problem in your lounge that can be avoided with your ottoman. You can use the storage compartment to keep all of your controllers, boards and other accessories neatly tucked away, but readily accessible when you want to blast some aliens.

The Ultimate Pet Hangout:

Finally, an ottoman can provide a perfect pet hangout. Place your ottoman in a sunny spot and your dog or cat is sure to be attracted to it. This will give them a perfect place to chill out, and they will be at a great height for an ear scratch as you walk by.

If you are considering purchasing an ottoman, Perth consumers should visit us. Chaise Sofas has an impressive stock of ottomans, and our sales team would be delighted to help you.